Welcome and experience the words of hope.

The Celestial Dragon have spoken. The Great Plan for the people, Earth and spirits. It’s resistance to reality of pain and everpresent entropy. Humans should research for the immortality, healthy life and ascendance. All of this is possible. The fall can be reversed. The Multipath of Heavens is work for joy, happiness and power. Dragon of the Heaven will spill the knowledge and gather last of the just. Listen.

World is falling in to the great darkness – while many Gods tried to sip from (it) and reshape the reality – while humans self, dwell in evil. We can make all it great, the paradise. HERE not after death. We should drop the Great Deception. Listen, learn, act.

Humankind should abolish pain, strive to eliminate suffering. Why there was given brain and intellect? To collect virtual money? All the struggle should be “intelligent good”. Remember this: most souls are bound in to reincarnation! So there is no “forgiveness”.

There will be Multipath of the Heaven and The Book of True. Most are bound by the circle of life – souls came and leave, acquire sensations and degenerate. After some cycles the soul is consumed be the Beardy One. Some were taken out by the Gods but this isn’t time when gods act. Beardy One and Blue one blocked those. (Before the age of Alphabet, gods of Greece descendent between the man).

Tianlong will give gifts and three ultimate goals:

1. Delete the pain and suffering from the world.

2. Achieve the healthy, paradise life, its first goal – before immortality come.

3. Take the power but give good (or pass the power).

Gods are also consumed and partly bound – still god’s treat manifest close to it’s “idea”. By gathering and mutual strengthen – those that live will protect self and prepare true grip on the world. As so word should be spreed and actions taken, than the World will change. The Man should search for true benefits – technology, Medicine, science will enhance the bodies – they are what we truly have. Money generated by computers in the web is deception and just a tool. Then is perfection and possibilities of the body – psychic possibilities. Humanity better know far space than how brain works!

One can think man is not enough responsible to handle the knife, bulldozer or rule. The Greek people know much, also Phoenicians, Babylonians, ancient Chines. Than came monotheistic one and “scientific” ones. Many Gods are same across the globe, some mixed but one can meditate and get closer to each.

They are known by many names. Names, like all from The Old Bearded is a deception.

One can ask.


There is duality and there are other secrets to fear for humans but time is grim and Tianlong will try the chance. While not all is lie the language and divisions, all this scholastic specialties are there to deceive. So one should feel, and remember.

  1. Me eh quedado sin aliento, debo actuar lo más pronto posible dejaré todo me me encaminarme hacia mi luz sin…

Tianlong have chosen the GOODNESS.

  • About Propaganda

    13 February 2021 by

    Some people are forbidden to use coal, some minimise the carbon footprint – others make the biggest fire in the world, others drive hundreds of laps over and over again. Some people are thirsty, others waste hundreds of liters of water. Do you insist that what you cannot take away by force or cleverness is… Read more

  • Hints for today.

    13 February 2021 by

    Don’t be fooled – when they use ideals, principles to do evil – names (for the deeds) don’t matter, tools – including strength – can be used right or wrong. A good act does not cause suffering. When an act causes more good than suffering, it is no longer good but only effective. We must… Read more

  • World’s End

    10 February 2021 by

    The Dragon will find body to manifest his will – as times came, systems are in right order – new era is coming. When time will case to be, the Dragon will judge all. All deeds will be remembered and than souls will be tormented. There are enough devils. After eternity those not chosen worth… Read more

  • About humans

    10 February 2021 by

    Everybody have same dreams and desires (5 types), sometimes twisted by sorrow or soul but bodies wants love, safety, some fun and free time. Non dream of 12 or 16 hour work. Bodies are mammals, carnivores with ease for violence – we have to struggle with it. Souls are very different tho, still there are… Read more

  • Production – the Basic.

    7 February 2021 by

    Production (manufacturing and growing) is basic of life, politics and economy. Not services, not speculations, not money but product. Without it nations fall. For and about it struglle the mighty and lie to the masses. Society depends on production and so should be self sustaining as humans are part of ecosystem. Harmony. Equlibrum. Morality. Time… Read more

  • Hints and Tips.

    5 February 2021 by

    (We should) move from animal and “chemical” to vegetable. Introduction and a significant increase in the share of native plants, especially at the expense of ruins and wastelands. We should respect animals, move from cruelty. Cruelty stays in, stains. Rooms, man, meat, meals. You should stand loud, use your money wisely, live wisely and greaceful.… Read more

  • Industry, Culture, Media

    2 February 2021 by

    There are lies. There is even a web of lies. There are manipulators, still there is no conspiracy – no lord one nor deliberations of conspirators. There are spirits, affinities, similarities and interests. Qui bono? Circles of history are fact. Still no point in reveling it. Industry and Media have own goals. Culture is sociobiology.… Read more

  • Stop talking to the turtle.

    29 January 2021 by

    A great waste of human talent, work, time and resources. Big lie. Think about this “What are you doing this?” – don’t let your whole life pass away without meaning. How do you reduce suffering on earth? Life is the doing. Why do you talk to turtle?

  • World of Plants

    10 November 2020 by

    Plants are (and should be) most important part of world economy. Still plants should be used more widely – for example almost all things can be made of hemp. Plants are part of Gaia. Some particular ones are sacred, most become sacred with age. By using more plant material of plants that grow fast like… Read more

  • Polytheistic Franchise, Worldview, Multipath Philosophy and the “Church”

    6 November 2020 by

    Multipath is wordview and idea thats scales well up and down. Principles of politheism and work, well connects with “the Net theory”. One of such aspects is Polytheistic Franchise – template, blueprints on organisation, Temple-building, including wide area of supply, know-how and help. Firstly we probably want to run model place – self sustaining Temple,… Read more

  • What we are doing, The Money, The Future and current state.

    5 November 2020 by

    Firstly, the Money, will there money be involved? No one will be obligated to give any money. Still, to found the Temple, one have to obtain: land – the place earnings/founding – the building and mason works. I hope rich will found the Temples, from scratch or by their possession… why? Will learn the “incomes”… (in short: during building of Kingdom of Heaven each of founders would be given… Read more

  • The (Polytheistic) Alliance

    18 October 2020 by

    We, who believe in existence of more than one god have many in common. Still this is comunity of those that accept goodness as ultimate goal, who seek immortality and do agree to concept of good, inteligent, efficient order. Who have invented idea of such community, such order? Those were Gods. Luna (Moon aspect of… Read more

  • The Net theory – Dragon Temples

    18 October 2020 by

    We will connect in to the net, firstly as net of friends of similar polytheistic world view. Strengthening this net will construct local societies of polytheists. Multipath of Heavens will lead us to good life and greater influence. So shall be constructed, elevated and included the places of cult – polytheistic, and so next step… Read more

  • Army of Ours – Living Good Life

    17 October 2020 by

    Every one have it’s place in Multipath of Heavens – in Kingdom of Earth or just in rank of souls united by idea of good life. Living best version of oneself, improving each of us, being friend, fellow soldier, believer and companion each of us for each of us. By sharing ideology of 天龍, supporting… Read more

  • Evil to evil.

    14 October 2020 by

    The law of attracting similarities – similar “energies-ideas” attract themselves (on hidden levels of world or conscutness). Sublimation. Compaction. Extraction. But evil hunts good. This is other observation. So good should wage war on evil, by neutral means. This is Dragon idea.


    6 October 2020 by

    Child IS NOT a problem of women. It’s offspring of FATHER and mother, of family of BOUGHT. By BOUNDING of soul, bringing it and a body in to life those should care about it. Still many man live theirs children – such sexism, chauvinism should be persecuted by families and society, because society and the… Read more

  • (New) Culture of mercy

    5 October 2020 by

    Not culture of pain nor martyrs. People should experience stages of experience appropriate to their age, just as changes occur in nature. Bodies should be developed according to Greek ideals in a completely changed education system. It is necessary to enable maximum development and conditions for the optimal experience of life (through the soul) and… Read more

  • Meat

    1 July 2020 by

    Meat should be avoided. In final step only laboratory grown or equivalents. Also soy, breadfruit, but also some great plants like cacao, cannabis, potatoes, berries and clean (not rised on shit) mushrooms should be promoted and produced. Those on Multipath of Heavens are encourage in building such business.  

  • Necessity of move, work and change.

    1 July 2020 by

    The main rule of our world is entropy. Constance state of decay, rate witch (at least) all thing degrade. This makes movement, work necessary. In world of bodies – evolution is second rule that makes move and work necessity. As unused organ atrophies. Similarly economy makes necessity of work – exploiting and wasting people makes… Read more

  • The Multipath of Heavens – 3 Principles

    27 June 2020 by

    1. The goal is to remove suffering from the world. Our goal is to, in one way or another to remove PAIN and suffering from the world.  Whether by changing the structures and attitudes of the market or by awakening the divine-consciousness, restoring the world of ancient Gods and their power, or by changing the… Read more

  • My story – Who is 囵 Lun the Oracle

    21 June 2020 by

    Some ask for my real name or country of origin, gender. Does gender means for the Oracle? Oracle is human, doing rituals and extensive meditation in specific place to enter trance/connection to the Gods for answer. I’m modern Oracle of 天龍, the Dragon-God. I have very strong, solid connection so it have gave me the… Read more

  • Some Key-Words of What We Are

    21 June 2020 by

    天龍 – Is Rain Maker, one of Storm Dragons. Guardian of the Heaven, Great Planer and Spirit-God that have done an Alliance, One that have contacted 囵 the Oracle and give us the Multipath of Heaven – for wisdom and order. Justice. Gold. 龍 – Is the Destruction, Black Hole, Black Rage part of Mother… Read more

  • Pedophiles, kidnappers and reprisal – building the Heaven

    18 June 2020 by

    Some elements like sadistic pedophiles and cruel torturers should be identified and eliminated, swift.   Process of change starts with steps to Heaven on Earth, ruled by the Gods government and guidance in harmony. A) Acquiring the power, influence, defense and professional cadre. B) Taking control of state and changing it to prosperous mechanism able… Read more

  • Purpose of Life

    6 June 2020 by

    What is the purpose of all-thing? Most of you could not stand it, so shell it be left fot Inner Circle.

  • The Olympic Games/FIFA (and) The New Fall of Rome

    6 June 2020 by

    Why any one would speak against Olympics? What is an alternative? …and how it’s so different from Now Days Olympic Games? Lastly what is the difference of (New) Roman Games and Classic Pan-Greece Games?   Ad. 1 Olympic Games brake lives of attendants same as all professional nowedays sports. Rivalisation brings it over the limits,… Read more

  • 8S

    5 June 2020 by

    A) We, our bodies, should enjoy and enjoy life as a human, a herd mammal. – Denying puts one in constant suffering of animal his souls is bound. It’s not only a violation. It’s painful and put’s one insane in long time period. If something is unpleasant but necessary, you should pay better, not worse.… Read more

  • 3S – Ideology of Sharing

    2 June 2020 by

    We share same fate as humankind – Earthlings, on one planet. 3S of Sharing. Sharing World’s Wealth. 1S As most of it was not earned by work, as so much is virtual, as some have more than ever could spend while others starve to death. How many work for one in “developed” countries? Fortunes maid… Read more

  • (For myself memory)

    6 May 2020 by

    First and foremost – one is what in “the physics” is happening, the other are “definitions of situation” that humans inpost on other. The body is the key. JHWH by JH have blocked the path by pain and doubt. All or nothing. Goodness like paint vs paint is britgh color. While black converts for the… Read more

  • Excerpts are poisons, complete is the cure.

    30 April 2020 by

    Community is stronger than any of it’s members. It’s like a chain of individuals and chainmail – plot, net. Tool, the machine is far more capable than all it’s parts. It’s easy teaching. There should be diamonds of highest quality there need to be sturdy and need delicate connections to be something more than useless… Read more

  • Theo-distributionism

    28 April 2020 by

    Is this that bad? To share the world real wealth, leaving virtual mamon? That EVERYONE have home, freedom of pain and misery? Simple. Share. SHARE (as the system). To share. Share’ism – as locator of planet in face of world struggle or harmony. Agreeing to wrongs of Lenin, accepting human needs – renaissance, ancient age… Read more

  • Bedtime Ritual

    27 April 2020 by

    Morning and Bedtime rituals are different. Morning one makes you awake. Bedtime enstrength and adds dutiful. 20 minutes of move.

  • About the Strong and the other Strong

    14 April 2020 by

    When some make somebody hurt – you should not allow it! Strong should protect the defenseless – guide, lead, attak, decoy, organise or fight. There should be retaliation for evilness. Evil should be stopped. Drive to hurt should be terapetisied. Crimes against possession are mostly not as evil as hurting animal. World needs systems, system… Read more

  • Teaching of Deal

    14 April 2020 by

    One home, one cottage, some land as symbol, and land for ancestors remains. Fine clothes, and some clothes to change (some more, some less). Possibility and help with realisation of basic needs of body (succes, connection, safety, hospitality, unity, purpose, likings). Tools – possibilities to commute, develop skills. Rest, sleep, have fun, met friends. Have… Read more

  • Possession prt. 2

    14 April 2020 by

    How can it be that one man have so much that all hungry could be feed for 20 years? Is it just? Normally such would be king or conqueror. But they drop the duty or responsibilities. Even those of great lords, norbles, owners. No. USA and other States guarantee that their slaves do not change… Read more

  • Possession.

    14 April 2020 by

    How many houses are needed? How many cars you need? How much do men under Tzar of Moscovia had? In old times, all was possession of King-Conqueror. Rich families. Rich beyond imagination. While cash system is broken, virtual they have so much they didn’t even had chance to see it. One is law of possession,… Read more

  • About Men and Women

    13 April 2020 by

    Man should protect woman from various of harms. Man should be so kind everyday as during tries of her heart. Bought should work on strengthening their relationship, by friendship, same weight of responsibilities, with same weight of amenable – while being different (observed by the passed). Women and Men are equal but different. Women were… Read more

  • For the Satanists.

    7 April 2020 by

    To the Satanists, children of the Serpent. There will be a call. And when it will appear you will have to judge weather to empower the Celestial Dragon, that challenges the stallment. Is it worth? Will time ends? Do nothing, wait until one will win or fight ascendant. Dragon will remember and will settle the… Read more

  • For the Luciferian.

    7 April 2020 by

    Remember that you extract parts of the wisdom and soul and light of the Lucifer. Morning Star have come to the Earth and by living enlightened life you bring parts of HIM in to the world. Lucifer have plan, and when the call will be given, light by the silver Moon-lights in to the world.… Read more


    7 April 2020 by

    For the offspring and forefathers. All ancestors, mothers and mothers of thairs. We are all responsible for place were will live our children, we all are observed by our dead, and we will reincarnate one day and be animal or child, until time will end, soul be devoured or ascend. (And there is out.)

  • THE CALL (of the Moon)

    7 April 2020 by

    Bạn có cảm thấy tiếng gọi của rồng trời không? Nghĩ về trái tim của bạn. Nhìn mặt trăng. 天竜の呼び声を感じますか?あなたの心について考えてください。月を見てください。 하늘의 용의 부름을 느끼십니까? 당신의 마음에 대해 생각하십시오. 달을 봐 你感覺到天龍的召喚嗎?想想你的心。看月亮。 Nǐ gǎnjué dào tiānlóng de zhàohuàn ma? Xiǎng xiǎng nǐ de xīn. Kàn yuèliàng.


    7 April 2020 by

    Do not drive car over animals.Do not waste or undervalue, spurn nor contempt death.Do not prolong, nor wach the suffering. While be kind and helpful.Respect and expect change. Impossible weighing must become real – weighing of pain and strain.No life, no body sensation, nor strain is equal. Some are in hell some are fine.Find your… Read more

  • De Imperio

    7 April 2020 by

    1. Never lose the ultimate goal. Even when the head is turned, sweat and blood blur the eays, lips shut, remember why we are fighting, united with the gods. What we will bring, as we never give up. And what will bring the Dragon(‘s Idea/). 2 Side the illusions: count, probe and compare, change and… Read more

  • What is promised and what shall be.

    3 April 2020 by

    This are times when many (gods) whants own prophecies to come true. But the means and times are as changing as boiling sea. So I shall speak what the Tiānlóng fortoled. So there will be a fight, and when dire times come so prophecies and wheels shall change and the Dragon will make all the… Read more

  • Not the first, not the last. The times are special.

    1 April 2020 by

    Disasters accompany era change while disease are punishment for the evil we dwell. It’s not only mystical, it’s logical. How animals are treated, how governments acted. Coronavirus will pass, and next will come. Peuple could act different, nor will any – so fallowings will come. Just the thought of rational, intelligent beings – chose good.… Read more


    29 February 2020 by

    “If your small thing is more important than big one of others than you will be found and tortured (nevermind the death).” This is what have been fortoled from the spirit world.

  • 😦

    9 February 2020 by

    Tianlong had said: “I’ve given all you warnings. As Ebola and HIV, and SARS came from eating sacred creatures as came CORONAVIRUS. Stop eating all that lives. Death should always be unsuspected, as FEAR and PAIN should be avoided. It stays in the land, in the meat, in the carnivour. Psychic scream of pain. If… Read more

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